Near Moscow, a schoolgirl complained of injury due to the Russian flag

In the Moscow region town of Orekhovo-Zuevo, a 10-year-old student from Ozeretsk school No. 8 complained of a head injury after a physical education lesson in which a flag fell on her Russia. At the educational institution “Podymu” statedthat the girl was faking everything.

The schoolgirl turned to doctors complaining of a headache. She was diagnosed with a closed head injury and concussion. The student was placed in the traumatology department. She assured the doctors that during a physical education lesson a Russian tricolor fell on her head. The police organized an investigation.

Head teacher Alexander Kulkov I am sure that the flag did not fall on the fourth-grader and that she invented the injuries.

“The girl simply feigned illness so as not to go to school. In fact, everything is fine with her – a CT scan confirmed it,” he explained.

Kulkov emphasized that the girl’s mother has no complaints against them.

Previously reportedthat schoolgirl from Novosibirsk fell into a coma after a swimming lesson. The girl’s mother blamed the coach for everything.

The schoolgirl’s relatives contacted Investigative Committee of Russiathe department organized an inspection.

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