The record agencies of SM Entertainment and HYBE They have denounced an unofficial event, classified as a scam and a fraud in which they confirm the attendance of some of their artists such as: NCT DREAM, SEVENTEEN, and ENHYPEN.

Information circulates through the networks of Asian countries about the presentation of various South Korean groups and artists in a festival called “Fest World Tour” the misleading tour says that they will do shows in the countries of Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, with several stars from the Asian continent such as NCT DREAM, WayV, SEVENTEEN, ENHYPEN and MIRAE. the official agencies that own these K-Pop groups did not acknowledge such events.

On February 3 of this year, companies in the music industry such as PLEDIS Entertainment and BELIFT LAB they also denounced and repudiated the information labeled as a scam, issuing official statements to their followers and to the fans of the bands, through the media and social networks.

The broadcast of PLEDIS Entertainment says that an unlicensed tour has been opened that infringes the intellectual property of SEVENTEEN, without any kind of permission from the company, stressing that the group’s artists will not participate in said event, and urges people who bought tickets to request a refund immediately.

SM declared a call for attention, on a fraudulent organization which cites its artists NCT DREAM and WayV as participants in an event in several Asian countries, stressing that the boys from the aforementioned bands will not attend.

And finally BELIFT LAB who also ruled on the matter: any action by ENHYPEN will be communicated through official means before anything else, and they will undertake legal actions against this illegal organization that violates the rights of the mentioned artists.