The famous idols of kpop, Taeyong Member of NCT 127 and yeonjun of TXT, recently they have been flirting in public, while on a live show.

The fact that it was recorded on cameras and is going viral on social networks made everyone present very blushing over the matter, including the other team members.

idols of the genre kpop People often compliment their great music or incredible talent, but rarely do you see two men throwing compliments at each other, let alone when more people are watching. However, the moment that was achieved naturally is driving all the fans crazy.

In the last episode of Music Bankthe members of the two teams NCT 127 and txtwere interviewed in order to update their fans on their projects and other matters.

However, they were able to experience a pleasant moment when one of the presenters asked: «Does either member have a charm they want to take away from the other?“Immediately the two rappers rushed to answer.

The member of txt expressed «I think mine would be Taeyong’s sharp jaw that could cut him“, while the leader of NCT 127 I replied happily “from Yeonjun, I will choose his smile in particular»

The moment forced everyone to allow a smile to come out of them, while little by little they blushed, trying in any way to move on to the next question quickly.