The fans of the musical group NCT 127 and the fans of the largest group in the K-pop, BTSthey are debating to define if a joke that an NCT 127 member made about BTS was disrespectful or not.

Last January, the South Korean group NCT 127 went on a concert tour of Latin America, and one night before a concert in the city of Bogota Colombia, they did a live broadcast from a hotel room where they were staying.

It’s common for Kpop artists to do live broadcasts before or after concerts, so that didn’t catch anyone’s attention, the real problem was an anecdote and a joke made by one of the group members about a mix up with another famous Kpop group.

It turns out, it happens and it happens that a waiter in one of the restaurants where the group was in Bogotá confused to the group NCT 127 with the members of BTS, an honest mistake from a person who probably does not have much contact with Kpop.

NCT 127 at their concert at the Movistar Arena in Bogotá

jungwoo wanted to share the anecdote with the audience, briefly recounted what happened and thanked the Colombian waiters for their excellent customer service. So far, everything is perfect, but Taeyong, another NCT 127 member made another comment in which he referred to BTS as “that group”instead of BTS, and even worse, he did not use the famous Korean fees, required to refer to someone older or more experienced.

BTS debuted 3 years before NCT 127, and out of obligation, for reasons of respect and culture, the youngest should refer to their elders as “BTS sunbaenim”, which means “older BTS” or “gentlemen BTS”.

That omission by Taeyong from NCT 127 has brought him some trouble in the general Kpop public, who have branded him as disrespectful. What do you think about this situation? Are the fans who demand more respect right?