On July 31, on the Day of the Navy, veterans of the sailors’ club “Diana” gathered near the monument to Vice Admiral Vasily Golovnin in Starozhilovo. Reserve submariners Mikhail Arbuzov and Boris Gusev arrived from Skopin to Starozhilovo. They served in the Arctic in different divisions on nuclear-powered ships in the Northern Fleet and decided to get to the formation here, and then return to their own in Skopin. The officer on duty, chief foreman of the reserve Andrey Vasyukov reported to senior midshipman Vasily Domakhin about the formation of personnel. In a solemn atmosphere, the sailors raised the Naval ensign.

Those present were congratulated by Deputy Head of Administration Svetlana Petrukhina. The head of the sailors’ club, Vasily Domakhin, told everyone about the glorious naval traditions and the continuity of marine generations. Vasily Andreevich recalled the fellow countrymen who died while serving on the K-19 and Kursk.

Vasily Domakhin awarded Andrei Vasyukov with a certificate of honor and handed over to the “Dianovites” books – memoirs of Captain First Rank Grigory Mokhovoy “Fights of Local Importance”.

After the ceremonial part, the sailors continued the celebration in the cabin-campaign in nature, where they tried pilaf and fish soup prepared by their comrades in the old Zhilovsky style.


Valery Gasanov, a sailor from the village of Bolshie Polyany:

“I come from Belarus, and I have been living in Starozhilovsky village since 2000. He served in the North, then stayed there and lived for 20 years in Monchegorsk, Murmansk region. After the service, he worked at the Ryazan oil refinery, from there he retired due to northern seniority.

I remember how I served in Gremikha for three years on the legendary K-147 submarine. In 1982, the Mosfilm campaign filmed our nuclear submarine in the film A Case Squared 36-80. I served as cook on it. During the tricks, all the dishes fell and broke, then I had to drink tea from cans. We filmed mostly stunts: how the boat floats, how it moves, how it sinks after an accident. Once an order was received – 28 degrees trim aft and it was necessary to show that the boat was sinking. It was a very dangerous stunt. But thanks to the skillful actions of commander Vladimir Kharlashkin, we successfully completed everything and the film turned out to be good. It was attended by stuntmen and artists from the Soviet Union. However, a panther was painted on our cabin, and the boat supposedly represented a foreign country.

Sergei Paramonov from Khrushchev:

“I constantly come to the Navy Day in Starozhilovo. I meet sailors, I built a chapel with them in Gulynki. I have a touching attitude towards the fleet, I watch all the programs on TV and worry about our soldiers. My son Ivan goes to school and dreams of being a sailor.

I served in the Northern Fleet in the city of Polyarny at the base of small anti-submarine ships. We guarded the water lines, made barriers. By profession I am a hydroacoustic, I listened to the noise of submarines. This was taught in four months in training in St. Petersburg. For me, the fleet is a turning point in my life. I still appreciate its traditions.”