The popular Dominican singer Natti Natasha is receiving harsh criticism and would be facing some legal problems, after receiving a luxurious gift from her convicted husband Raphy Pina, which is currently in prison for corruption and money laundering.

the puerto rican raphy pina he gave his wife Natti Natasha an all terrain Mercedes white, wrapped in paper and many red balloons, on the occasion of the artist’s birthday. However, this gift has brought with it a series of criticisms and possible problems with the law.

The Dominican singer showed her astonishment at her gift that came from jail from her boyfriend, but the public and her fans have not stopped criticizing the Puerto Rican Raphy and warning of the possible problems that this would bring to the Dominican before the law in USA.

“Hahaha what the artist buys, Pina gives it away”; “It was self-gift from his own work that you yourself manage”; “material things are not important nor are they the best gifts”; “Now I want to know what it feels like to be given something that you can buy yourself,” some told him.

Nevertheless, Pineapple He did not remain silent in the face of so many comments and criticisms, so he came out to defend his wife and commented the following:

“Attention men, don’t be mad at me. Surprise your partner too, even with a postcard, they are slow lol, “wrote the music producer.

But beyond the birthday of Natti Natasha, The star could not spend her special day in style, at least in a calm way. Even so, the Dominican thanked the father of her daughter for having accompanied her despite the distance from her.