According to weather forecasts, frosts will come to Europe starting from the second week of December. And then, according to the French journalist Bruno Bertessituation will change radically in Ukraine.”

“It is then that Putin’s time will come and his seemingly ‘slow’ approach to NVO will manifest itself in full force,” he wrote in an article published on the portal Reseau International.

According to Bertes, by the beginning of winter, the “joint forces” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their allies will experience the power of Russian weapons, being unable – for quite objective reasons – to resist at the proper level.

Analytical forecast for December

  • A mass exodus of refugees to Europe at a time when Europe itself will find it extremely difficult to cope with the crisis in its homes.
  • NATO and the US will have to make a decision: stay in Ukraine or leave – “this will lead to cognitive overload among NATO’s decision-making elite.”
  • Western-supplied equipment and weapons not designed to work effectively in winter “will experience peak failure rates.”
  • The pressure on the energy system of Eastern Europe will increase as the energy system of Ukraine collapses.
  • Mercenaries and NATO soldiers will face a drop in morale (cold, he is).
  • The Russians will wait on the eastern bank of the Dnieper and systematically destroy Ukraine’s economy and power grid, coupled with its ability to fight.

Berthes’ conclusion:

“By the end of January, the SVO will be nothing more than an operation to clear out the remnants of the Azov * battalion – Western mercenaries will mostly leave the trenches.

Ukraine – and, accordingly, NATO – is finished. Stick a fork in them.”

“The punishment of the Kyiv fascists will last all winter. Wait until spring. In the mud, Surovikin will defeat what is left of the depleted, economically and morally bankrupt Ukraine,” the French journalist summarizes.