Natalya Friske shared the latest news about her cousin Tatyana Goncharenko, who is fighting for her life in a clinic in Turkey.

A few months ago, Natalia reported that her sister Tatyana had developed an aggressive form of cancer. Metastases went to the liver and spine. Tatyana’s family tried to find money for treatment in an Israeli clinic, but, apparently, they did not succeed. Therefore, Goncharenko went to a well-known Turkish clinic specializing in oncology for treatment.

The day before, Natalya Friske posted footage on her social networks with her cousin, who had already completed her sixth course of chemotherapy. Friske wished her relative good health and reminded all her subscribers that Tatyana really needs support. Her family has already announced a fundraiser, thanks to which Turkish doctors are taking care of her.

Tatyana Goncharenko, photo social network

Despite the terrible diagnosis, Tatyana’s relatives believe that she will be able to win. The fact is that this is not the first time she is fighting cancer and in the past she has already managed to achieve remission.

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