Naryshkin announced the unchanged goals of the special operation in Ukraine

The West is trying to force Moscow abandon the objectives of the special operation, declaring “plans to attack Russia on NATO” However, this will not happen, he said in an interview RIA News director SVR Sergey Naryshkin.

He explained such statements by an information war to justify the Western hybrid aggression against Russia and a desire to intimidate Moscow with the prospect of a direct armed conflict with NATO.

“Westerners emphasize their belligerence, their mobilization readiness in the hope of influencing Russia, so that Russia, the political leadership of the Russian Federation, abandons its plans,” Naryshkin clarified.

At the same time, the head of the intelligence service said, “neither Russia nor the leadership of the Russian Federation will give up their goals.”

Previously, the publication Bild with reference to an allegedly secret Bundeswehr document wroteWhat Germany is developing a plan for a war between NATO and Russia, which, according to the scenario of the German Ministry of Defense, could begin in the summer of 2025. As stated, on Day X, the NATO commander-in-chief will give the order to transfer 300 thousand troops to the eastern flank.

In turn, the German Ambassador to Moscow Alexander Graf Lambsdorff said that a war between Russia and NATO is unlikely. At the same time, he believes that the corresponding secret document most likely exists, “otherwise the newspaper would not have written about it.” However, the ambassador assured that he himself had not seen the document.

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