Naryshkin announced that the West is preparing Ukrainian DRGs for provocations at Russian nuclear power plants

Chapter Russian Foreign Intelligence Services Sergey Naryshkin stated that Western intelligence services are preparing Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups (DRG) to commit provocations at Russian nuclear power plants (NPPs). His words lead RIA News.

Naryshkin clarified that the British MI6 (Secret Intelligence Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) is primarily involved in the training of saboteurs Great Britain).

“I can give examples when Western intelligence services, primarily the British MI6, are training Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups whose plans include carrying out provocations at nuclear power plants Russian Federation“, he noted.

Previously head of the SVR warnedthat the West due to defeat in the territory Ukraine will arrange provocations against Russia, but one should not expect a long-term effect from them.

According to him, the Ukrainian conflict provoked by the West provides many examples of USAGreat Britain and their allies are “ready to resort to the most vile provocations.”

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