Named ways to return hundreds of thousands of rubles after buying an apartment

After purchasing real estate, Russians have the right to return hundreds of thousands of rubles, said mortgage broker and head of the IDEA Estate real estate agency Maxim Churilov. He named ways to replenish the budget in a conversation with

Tax deductions allow you to return up to 1.3 million rubles

Firstly, these are tax deductions, the expert said. There are two types: property tax deduction and tax deduction for mortgage interest if the property was purchased with a mortgage.

The first can be received by any citizen who pays taxes on their income and buys real estate in the territory Russian Federation. The deduction can be issued immediately after purchasing the property, but it can only be used once. The size of this deduction can reach up to 260 thousand rubles.

The second type of deduction allows you to return part of the money that was spent on paying interest to the credit institution on the loan. It is impossible to obtain it immediately after purchasing real estate, since in fact there have been no payments to the bank yet, and, therefore, no interest on the loan has been paid. However, this deduction can already be used as you make monthly payments towards your mortgage. The amount of compensation for it can reach up to 390 thousand rubles. You can apply for an interest deduction several times until the limit provided by the state is exhausted, Churilov said.

That is, a citizen can recover a total of up to 650 thousand rubles using tax deductions. Moreover, if the apartment was purchased during marriage and the property is registered in the name of both spouses, then both of them can take advantage of these deductions and receive an amount of up to 1.3 million rubles

Maxim Churilov

mortgage broker

Who can receive compensation from the developer when purchasing an apartment?

After purchasing an apartment in a new building, there is another way to return the funds – compensation from the developer. They can be obtained in four cases.

The first option is if there is a delay in putting the house into operation. You can demand compensation from the developer when he does not meet the originally designated deadlines and the delivery of the project is postponed for more than 2 months.

The amount of compensation must be specified in the agreement for participation in shared construction and is usually 1/150 of the Central Bank refinancing rate for each day. Since 2016, the refinancing rate has been equal to the key rate and currently stands at 16 percent. That is, if an apartment costs 10 million rubles, then for each day the completion date is overdue, the developer will have to pay a little more than 10 thousand rubles

Maxim Churilov

mortgage broker

If the developer voluntarily does not want to pay the penalty, then he can be sued and demand compensation not only for the penalty itself, but also for moral damages, legal expenses, and a fine of 50 percent of the compensation. In this case, you can even demand compensation for the costs of renting temporary housing, the interlocutor warned.

The second option is compensation for poor quality repairs. If, in accordance with the contract, the developer must transfer the apartment with any finishing, then he, as the executor, is responsible for its quality. If the buyer sees defects, he can demand either correction or compensation, the amount of which depends on what exactly is wrong with the repair.

You can also receive compensation if the developer reduces the area of ​​the housing and if shortcomings are identified during the process of living in the apartment.

“The share participation agreement must specify the warranty period related to defects in the apartment. It is 5 years. During this period, you can contact the developer with a claim about the condition of the apartment or finishing, if it was done by the developer, and recover compensation from him. In this matter, there is no specific amount of compensation; it all depends on the scale of the “disaster,” the broker clarified.

Earlier it became known that in Moscow sharp went up in price apartment rental costs. In 2023, it grew in the capital by 40 percent. IN St. Petersburg prices also increased, but not so rapidly – by about a quarter.

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