Named ways to get rid of frozen car windows in winter

In order to prevent your car windows from freezing and fogging up, you need to regularly perform a few simple steps. The technical director of the Fit Service car service network named ways to get rid of this problem Alexey Ruzanov in conversation with “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

The expert explained that frost is formed due to the difference in temperatures inside and outside the cabin. “We got into the car without brushing the snow off our shoes, clothes, and even put a brush in the snow in the interior, warmed up the interior with all our hearts and, as a result, fogged up the windows. It became warm and humid in the cabin, and it was natural that the windows would close up. After the trip, you return home, the engine turns off, and the car remains in the cold, then the settled moisture turns into ice,” he described the process.

To avoid having to remove the ice with physical effort, Ruzanov first of all advised to minimize the entry of excess moisture into the interior as much as possible: carefully tap the snow from your shoes and shake it off your clothes before closing the car door, and also pour melt water from the mats after each trip. In addition, the auto expert called for regularly ventilating your car, since glass icing can be avoided if you equalize the temperature outside and inside the car before leaving the car outside overnight. Finally, the specialist recommended that motorists check the cabin filter – if it is clogged and begins to let moisture into the car along with air, the device should be replaced with a new one. “The costs are small, and the effect of the new lightweight car is very positive, both for the health of passengers and for the car,” Ruzanov concluded.

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