Named ways to fall in love with your partner again

Even if a couple’s relationship has gone wrong over time for various reasons – from betrayal to emotional burnout, it can be restored if both parties wish, psychologist Patrice Le Goy assured. She and her colleagues in an article for Women’s Health magazine called ways to fall in love with your partner again.

The first thing the experts advised was to restore trust and a sense of security in the couple. According to Le Goy, this can be done during a heart-to-heart conversation. At the same time, it is necessary to be as frank as possible and discuss all the points that led to the deterioration of the relationship.

Once trust is re-established in a relationship, it will be easier to relax, bring back the spark, and remember everything that partners love about each other.

Patrice Le Goy


An important step towards each other is the desire to make a partner’s life better, noted psychologist Andrew Cuthbert. She recommended not only taking on some of your loved one’s responsibilities, such as suddenly starting to do some of his or her chores, but also noticing the little things. “Pay attention to all the changes in your loved one,” he commented. “If your wife has changed her hairstyle, give her a compliment.”

It’s also important to maintain passion in relationships, Cuthbert says. This can only be achieved by openly telling your partner about your desires; joint experiments will also be beneficial.

Sexologist Stephen Snyder in turn, he urged us not to spend all our time together. This, he noted, does not strengthen, but destroys the connection. Only emotionally immature people are inseparable from each other, the sexologist is sure.

To maintain a sense of individuality, take up a hobby that your partner is not interested in. For example, take cooking classes or yoga classes. And give your partner the opportunity to relax with something of his own. Then, when you’re back together, you’ll be able to spend quality time reminiscing about your day, and you’ll likely both feel more fulfilled.

Stephen Snyder


And finally, experts called for planning dates and surprising each other. Thus, marriage expert Carol Cox insists: time spent just together – without children and friends – is guaranteed to strengthen the couple’s relationship.

“Make a list of five to ten things you would like to do with your partner, but either haven’t found the time or haven’t talked about them. Then compare lists and choose at least three activities to try together. This could be going to the movies, going out to dinner, watching a sports game, cooking a meal together, or anything else that makes you both happy,” Cox concluded.

Formerly psychotherapist Eric Fitzmedrud named ways for men to better understand women. First of all, Fitzmedrud urged not to insist on sex if the partner refuses it, citing fatigue or any other reason.

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