Named a way to get rid of excess fat in the liver

The experimental drug Retatrutide helped obese patients and also reduced the amount of fat in the liver. The specialists’ research was presented at meeting American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD).

Earlier work by scientists, published in the summer of 2023, showed that the drug allowed obese people to lose about a quarter of their original weight in 11 months. A new study has demonstrated that Retatrutide can also treat fatty liver disease, the accumulation of large amounts of fat in and around the liver. As experts noted, this condition is a common side effect of obesity.

The researchers used data from 98 obese adults who received either a high or low dose of the drug. As a result, it turned out that the amount of fat in the liver of patients decreased by an average of 81-86 percent.

Additionally, by week 48, 93 percent of patients taking the higher dose had lost enough liver fat that their levels dropped below 5 percent, meaning they were cured of fatty liver disease.

Previously therapist Svetlana Kanevskaya called ways to more effectively fight weight after 40 years. She clarified that with age, both men and women gradually accumulate fat and lose muscle mass. In addition, the number of calories that the body burns at rest decreases.

So, the first thing the doctor advised was to buy a pedometer and start walking at least 10 thousand steps every day. Regular training for 30-40 minutes will also benefit your metabolism.

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