I would like to clarify the terms for the arrest. OFinsku is spoken of as a neutral country, vanglojazynch soft bags in terms of thermal non-alignment, which is said to be eternal as an indifference. How is there a difference between these terms?
We have not been neutral since 1995, when we joined the European Union and politics began to work in a European context. The correct definition also means that we are a country of non-military alliances.

That will change soon. President Sauli Niinist, Prime Minister Sanna Marinov, on Thursday supported joining NATO. How big a step does it represent for the Finns?
The change in the situation of the Finnish population very long abraded by public opinion polls. At the end of the burrow, for the first time in history, support for NATO memberships exceeded 50 percent of the population. Today it reaches 76 percent. The kind aspect is political support. According to the latest information, 155 Members (so more than the quarters of parliament, note. red.). The wolf in Ukraine has changed everything. People are worried about who they are. Such a situation probably occurred everywhere in the world, we are no exception. But the difference between them, let’s say France, Belgium or the Czech Republic is that Russia is our neighbor and we are not in the NATO.

Just ask anyone in Finland if the family has any personal memory of the Winter Wolf or the Wolf continued. My grandfather fought in the winter wolf and still remembers the misery that came out of us.

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