“It was very close, on the other hand it is necessary to respect it. The owner of Baník Ostrava plus the management decided to hire him practically after the release of Pavel Vrba, “Hapal told ČTK and the Sport.cz server at the” Kanonýři v Kroměříž “event.

“Of course, that also gave me logic, because they wanted him some time ago. When Paul relaxed, my engagement went away. I keep my fists and Banka and Pavel Vrb good, ”added the 52-year-old coach.

He has not led any team since October 2020, when he was recalled from the Slovak national team. “Something is looming, but you know how it is in the coaching industry. One has to wait for some suitable offer to be received, “said Hapal.

His Slovak successor Stefan Tarkovich ended last week after a domestic unexpected 0: 1 defeat with Kazakhstan in the League of Nations. “I’m a little sorry for him, because this meeting was definitely not easy,” said the former offensive player of Olomouc, Leverkusen or Tenerife.

“It is difficult to comment on the union’s decision. This has already been speculated about at the time of last year’s European Championships. I will always be a supporter of coaches, because I don’t think the job is easy. Unfortunately, the results probably led to the dismissal of Štefan Tarkovič, “added Hapal.

The Slovaks, who also lost in Kazakhstan (1: 2), are likely to remain in the third highest league C. “It was written that it was a disgrace. On the other hand, Kazakhstan has quality. Of course, no one expected him to lose twice. But there was a big boom in Kazakhstan, a stadium full of retaliation. The chances are minimal, because Kazakhstan just needs to win one match and advance, “said Hapal.

According to him, the Slovak national team is facing a generational change. “I would not take it as a great tragedy. Probably Slovakia will need to rebuild the whole team. It was already starting to happen during my engagement, when the older players ended. It will be necessary for the representatives to be in good competitions and to play mainly regularly, “said a native of Kroměříž.

He also said that he did not understand why the Spartan defender Hancko was also criticized by Tarkovich for apologizing from the national team due to the approaching date of the birth of his wife and former Czech tennis player Kristýna Plíšková. The couple had a son, Adam, at the end of May.

“I will stand up for Hanci here, because it is a life event. He had a baby and he wanted to be with his family, which I absolutely respect. No one should take it lightly. If someone says that they preferred the child to the national team, I approve of it, because this is in the first place, “said Hapal.