“I just got a call from Twitter’s legal department to complain that I violated their confidentiality agreement when I revealed that the sample size for checking shoes (fake accounts) is 100!” Elon Musk, the richest man, wrote on Sunday morning. man of the world according to Forbes magazine.

Friday Musk saidthat his agreement to buy Twitter for one billion dollars (roughly 24 billion crowns) is “temporarily suspended”. He is waiting for details supporting the calculation that fake social network accounts actually represent less than five percent of users, according to Twitter.

The company states that it currently has 229 million users to whom it can display advertising, which is an absolutely crucial metric for the platform. However, Twitter has long had a problem with automated fake accounts. The future owner of the social network plans to turn with them.

Musk added on Friday that his team would test a “random sample of 100 followers” on Twitter to confirm the calculation of fake accounts. “This is the same sample that Twitter uses to calculate less than 5 percent of fake / spam / duplicate accounts,” Musk said when asked one reason why a sample of one hundred random accounts.

On Sunday morning, Musk added on Twitter that he did not yet see any analysis showing that Twitter had that low share of fake accounts, and later added that “there is a certain chance that it could be more than 90 percent of active users per day.” “It’s very strange that only two percent of the day’s active users liked the most popular tweets of all time,” he wrote.

Musk, who is the richest man in the world, agreed to take over Twitter last month. The billionaire has previously called for the “defeat of spam bots” and also for several other changes, including the restoration of some canceled accounts, including a bill by former US President Donald Trump.