Muscovites were warned about the beginning of meteorological winter

In the Moscow region and other regions of Central Russia On Friday, November 17, meteorological winter began. A leading specialist at the Phobos weather center warned Russians about this. Evgeniy Tishkovets in his Telegram-channel.

The forecaster explained that the meteorological winter came earlier than the calendar winter, as there was a steady transition of the average daily temperature through zero towards negative values. “Remember”Eugene Onegin” and our classic Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin: “Winter!.. The peasant, triumphant, renews the path on the logs; His horse, sensing the snow, trudges along somehow,” he noted.

IN Moscow The thermometer went into minus as midnight approached, while at the moment the temperature is also below zero, and it is snowing in places. Soon on Friday, November 17, the weather in the capital region, according to Tishkovets, will come under the control of the Scandinavian anticyclone. Daytime temperatures in Moscow will range from zero to minus three degrees Celsius, in the region – up to minus five.

Over the coming weekend, the expert predicted, cloudy weather without precipitation is expected. On Saturday night, the temperature in the capital will drop to minus five to minus eight degrees, and in the region – to minus four to minus nine degrees. Sunday night is forecast to be even colder, reaching minus 11 degrees Celsius. Daytime temperatures on November 19 will range from minus two to minus seven degrees.

Previously, the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia reportedthat the air temperature in Moscow will reach sub-zero levels by the end of this week. In addition, icy conditions are expected.

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