Muscovites warned about blizzard

On Thursday, November 23, at Moscow Snow and increased winds are expected. The scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center warned residents of the capital about a snowstorm Russia Roman Vilfandhis quotes AGN “Moscow”.

According to the meteorologist, the air temperature in Moscow now corresponds to the third ten days of January. Winter weather in the capital will persist in the coming days: on Wednesday and Thursday it will be minus 10 degrees Celsius at night, and minus 5-7 degrees during the day.

“If there is light snow today, then from the second half of Thursday the situation will change due to the approach of a very deep cyclone. On Thursday afternoon there will be snow, the wind will increase to 15 meters per second, and accordingly, if there is snow and wind, it is clear that there will be a blizzard, and in Moscow this is always a problem for motorists,” Vilfand said.

On Friday, November 24, the temperature will rise, but will remain below zero, the weather forecaster predicted. The meteorologist added that the snow will definitely not melt until the end of the month.

Previously Vilfand revealed the reason for the abnormally warm winter in Russia. According to the meteorologist, next winter the temperature in the European part of the country and in Moscow in particular will remain near or above normal due to the intensification of the natural phenomenon El Niño – heating of water in the equatorial part of the Pacific Ocean.

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