Uzbek wrestler Makhmud Muradov now he is staying in Uzbekistan and from there he is telling his Czech fans that his match in France has been canceled because “he doesn’t have a visa to Europe, because the Czechia canceled it and he doesn’t even know why, because he is said to be dangerous for the republic and the public”.

It seems that the failure to grant a visa to enter the Czech Republic could be a major reason for his repeated break-up with Monika Bagárová, who confirmed the decision three weeks ago during the Karlovy Vary film festival, where she arrived alone with her daughter. At the time, there was an assumption that it happened only because they had disagreements between partners.

Muradov did not say exactly what he meant by the fact that he is supposed to be dangerous for the Czech Republic. It is possible that he doesn’t even know it himself, but the press department of the Ministry of the Interior first told us that not being granted a visa to the Czech Republic has no effect on whether he can wrestle in France, even though Muradov claims that the country canceled this possibility for him.

“Unfortunately, we cannot comment on individual cases. However, in general terms, we can say that the Ministry of the Interior strictly follows the law when deciding on the granting of residence permits. Therefore, in order to be awarded the relevant title, it is always necessary to fulfill all the conditions given by law. Everyone has the right to appeal against the ministry’s decision to a higher authority, or to defend themselves in court. The decision not to grant a residence permit also does not affect the person’s ability to apply for a residence permit in another EU country,” said Hana Malá from the press department.

We therefore asked her to provide information on the basis of which Muradov should not be granted a visa due to the alleged danger.

“In general, the Act on the Residence of Foreigners specifies the reasons for not granting a residence permit in this area, such as a reasonable risk that the foreigner could threaten the security of the state during his stay in the territory, seriously disturb public order or endanger the international relations of the Czech Republic. The law is a general norm, i.e. individual cases are assessed individually according to the facts established by the security services of the Czech Republic, which came to light in the given procedure.” Hana Malá added.

It follows from the statement that the foreign police found reasons for not allowing the Uzbek wrestler to enter the territory of the Czech Republic, with reason for fear of endangering its operation. At first, the reasons for such a move were offered with regard to Muradov’s connection with President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, who is close to Putin and to whom Muradov regularly expresses sympathy on social networks.

“In today’s time of Russian conflict, it is enough that he is Uzbek, comes from an autocratic pro-Russian regime, even though Uzbekistan is now supposedly democratic, and gives admiration and friendship to the ruling president and his family on public networks.” a source who worked for the International Police and the Ministry of the Interior told us.

We therefore asked the security analyst and former chief of military intelligence Andor Šándor to comment.

“If it is not expressly on the sanctions list, that is, on the list of persons on whom there was agreement either in the European Union or in the USA, that sanctions will be imposed on them, then I think that this method of selective selection, that someone knows someone, is not completely ideal. Just on the basis that he knows the Uzbek president and that he is close to Putin?” commented on Šándor Muradov’s relations with the Uzbek president, which, as it first seemed, could be problematic for the Czech Republic and by extension the European Union.

In the end, Sándor indirectly reveals the buried Muradov’s dog in the way his statement continues.

“It is possible that the intelligence services commented on it and there was some knowledge that we do not know about. If there is such a thing and it is evaluated as a security risk, then please,” adds the former chief of military intelligence.

After a long time, Muradov spoke to his Czech fans on Instagram in connection with his visa problem, so far his videos have been filmed mainly in Russian.

“Thank you for your support, I’ll be back soon and train in Prague,” Muradov said.