Yesterday, June 21, at a meeting of the City Duma, the deputies approved the transfer of a land plot in the area of ​​the oncological dispensary to municipal ownership free of charge.

The purpose of the site with an area of ​​more than 500 square meters is the arrangement of a bus stop for the Oncological Dispensary and the placement of a car park. This decision is another step towards solving the problem of transport accessibility of the oncology dispensary.

Last year, the initiative of the Chairman of the City Duma – the head of the city of Taganrog, Inna Titarenko, was described in detail, the implementation of which led to the fact that the traffic situation at the medical institution has radically improved. Thanks to an agreement reached with the management of JSC TKZ Krasny Kotelshchik, the fence of the enterprise along Moskovskaya Street was moved deeper. The vacated land plot was acquired into the ownership of Polimerprom LLC and landscaped by the enterprise. The paved parking lot and pavement, as well as the repair of Moskovskaya Street (with the assistance of the deputy for the 19th district Artyom Vodolazkin) made it possible to remove obstacles to the launch of public transport to the oncology dispensary.

Inna Titarenko thanked General Director of Polimerprom LLC Gennady Borodin for helping the city and stressed that the City Duma had done everything possible to solve the longstanding problem. Now it’s up to the city administration: it is necessary to install a stopping pavilion and, together with carrier companies, ensure the normal movement of buses.

It should be noted that this issue was devoted to a field meeting held in early May near the oncological dispensary. It was attended by Inna Titarenko, Artyom Vodolazkin, deputy head of the city administration for transport issues – head of the transport department Sergey Bochan and chief specialist of the transport department Sergey Kovtun.

According to the results of the meeting, as the head of the city reported, Sergey Bochan informed the city Duma in writing that the movement of buses to the oncological dispensary was organized along route No. 36. But in fact, the movement of buses with an acceptable schedule for passengers has not yet been established. Therefore, the City Duma will not remove the issue from control until its final decision.

Source press service of the city Duma