esk tonk David Krej (46) stl vodn gl semifinle s Kanadou.
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Where were the Canaanites?
code that at the end of the first aunty leveled. Then they gave two glyes of pesilovek and it was tk.

You have managed to manage water aunt.
Whenever you have to look in the mirror, we have to show full performance against the United States in bronze. We haven’t made a medal in a long time, it would be nice plastic. But so many mistakes we made … We have to want to play with the puck. I don’t know, it just wasn’t there this time.

A warm-up?
At first tetin not, but then we fought hrt. We were just throwing away the puck.

Did the blanket fall after settling?
I think the first aunt was really solid. Bohuel. They gave gly from pens that they wouldn’t hide in the NHL at all. We have to take it as it is.

Narte on expelled vs and Pastrka?
I’ll say it in English. It’s a joke (joke, to laugh)what njac people there (decision) performed. Half of those foul wouldn’t be in the NHL.

What do you need to glue for the bronze medal match?
Musme chtt hrt. We didn’t want that today. Just the first aunt who doesn’t. If we come to war as against Canada, we can leave now.

Has Canada frowned at your nonsense in the quarter?
We had a dog (once a court was sentenced for 2 + 2), No? We gave one, that’s under good. Bohuel and they gave from those songs. And you decide. It turned out for the quarterfinals and the semifinals. We have to work on them and especially on the weakened.

Was Canada more expensive?
I don’t know Canada, which wouldn’t be more expensive. But we just grew up, we didn’t want a puck.