A year ago, the Finns got into the same situation, as they did not call any of the finalists to the team. The Swedes were not helped in this regard by the covid-19, which ruled in several Swedish SHL teams in January.

The management of the competition was therefore forced to postpone some matches, the end of the basic part and the start of the elimination phase were delayed compared to the normal rules.

And Garpenlöv paid extra for it when making the nomination. He could not count on the participants of the final even for the domestic Swedish Games, the last preparatory tournament before moving to Tampere.

“In Färjestad, we have four Olympians from Beijing (Jacob de la Rose, Linus Johansson, Gustav Rydahl, Theodor Lennström). There are also a few experienced guys playing for Luleu, “he complained to Svenska Yle.

The head of Sweden’s top competition, Johan Hemlin, also commented on the complications: “It is unfortunate, but the decision has been known to all parties for months. After consulting with the union, we agreed on this at the end of January. ”

But the 54-year-old coach is on his own: “People who made that decision didn’t think. We do not yet know which finalists will arrive. And if he arrives, we don’t know when. ”

Twenty-two players and three goalkeepers will fit on the roster for the championship. The unfortunate circumstances forced Garpenlöva to register the minimum required number of players for the time being (two goalkeepers, six defenders and nine forwards).

In addition to arrivals from Luley and Färjestad, the Swedes are also waiting for possible reinforcements from the NHL. Overseas, they have welcomed goalkeepers Magnus Hellberg, defenders Rasmus Dahlin, Oliver Ekman Larsson, Adam Larsson and Erik Gustafsson, and strikers Emil Bemström with Rasmus Asplund.

Other names refused to participate in the top event of the national team season. The apology was sent by Elias Pettersson, Erik Karlsson, Lucas Raymond or Filip Forsberg, whose Nashville lost to Colorado in the playoffs.

The elimination phase after the defeat with St. Louis is not affected by Minnesota, whose colors are defended by Jonas Brodin and Joel Eriksson Ek. “I hope that the players who drop out will improve our team,” said Garpenlöv.

However, he immediately added: “But we already have first-class goalkeepers, experienced and skilled defenders and forwards who can work hard and score goals. We can compete with everyone. “

He is under a lot of pressure himself. The Northerners did not even advance from the group in Riga last year, which happened to them for the first time since 1992. They finished fourth in the Beijing Olympics.

The native of Stockholm urgently needs to succeed. Because of this, he also wants the ambiguities surrounding the list to be resolved as soon as possible.

The Swedes will present themselves four times in the first six days of the championship. On Saturday from 11:20 they will challenge Austria, on Sunday evening (19:20) they will stand against the Czechs.