The bluish flag caught her eye as a tin-year-old girl. She did not miss a single television broadcast of the lead in the jumping jumps, which were then ruled by the multiple Olympic team Matti Nyknen. Thanks to her, she became interested in the fact that her fellows would like to win her over to the flying Finn because of the Platonic rainforest.

I don’t even like to talk to my colleagues about Nyknen. I don’t have a good reputation here. Scandals, alcohol, marriage, the remembrance of the Czech librarian and joining Nyknen, who later became a bar singer, go one memory: He had his last concert in a bar in the shopping center with the library, where I worked at the time. He died the next day after the concert.

Romana Mzerov has been a librarian at the Mstsk Library in Helsinki for 15 years and is also the chairwoman of the Bohemia Association, which brings together Czech and Slovak compatriots in Finland. Now you should also watch the hockey championship, where under the new corner Kari Jalonen thinks of gold.

Like Finov, an Olympic prisoner from Beijing. It was a euphoria, Helsinki a full fan, the hockey players were national heroes. About Mark Anttil, Mrk, the monster, even told him a fairy tale, a story.

In an extensive interview for iDNES Premium, she spoke about Finnish ntue, the popularity of sauna and Czech Ambassador Adam Vojtch. And how does Finov’s entry into NATO and compulsory warfare take place?

Approaching the children in the bike is very benevolent here: the teacher has to punish the children, they must not raise their voices or confiscate their phone hours.

Romana Mzerovlibrarian at the Mstsk Library of Helsinki, chairwoman of the Bohemia Association

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