Canadian star Pierre-Luc Dubois (80) celebrated a goal scored.
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Both Italy and Canaan will compete in the tournament, but while the game has won the first duel, the coaches of Greg Ireland’s coach are waiting for points.

In the water duel at this year’s World Cup, they challenged the tsars and only tightened their lives. After 49 seconds of the game, the first puck of the goalkeeper Andreas Bernard hunted from the world, who repeated the ride during the match.

The Italians took two gly, but at least cosmetically adjusted the final result to 2: 5.

The Canaanites defeated the German 5: 3. In the back and thanks to two goals, Pierre-Luc Dubois led by three goals, but the rivals in the aunt scored two double goals. Matthias Plachta and Moritz Seider took advantage of this ance, and in the twists and turns, the Canaanites had to worry about victory.

From last week’s meeting with Italy, they can certainly promise a quiet course of the match, the others led the Canaan in twelve minutes after the last goal in the last mutual race on the Polish ampion. In the end, it was 7: 1.

World Cup

Group A 15. 5. 2022 11:20

Fazio (Fadani) Pietroniro, Miglioranzi, Di Perna, Spornberger, Gios, Glira, Casetti Petan (A), S. Kostner (A), Sanna Magnabosco, Mantenuto, Frank (C) McNally, Hannoun, Frigo Traversa, D. Kostner, Deluca Insam.

Driedger (Thompson) Whitecloud, Chabot (C), Severson (A), Sanheim, Mayo, Holden, Graves Roy, Dubois, Cozens Anderson, Lowry (A), Sillinger Batherson, Barzal, Johnson Geekie, Comtois, Mercer Gregor.

Decision: Dehaen (FRA), Hansen (NOR) Beresford (GBR), Zunde (LAT)

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Although the French entered the tournament with a loss to Slovakia, they nevertheless reached points in practice. In the second aunt, they held an indecisive state, which was cracked by this team just two minutes before the arrest of Samuel Tak.

On the other hand, Kazai had a point in the duel with Dnsko close only to the arrest. At 4:51 a.m., they lost a lot of money, and Dan’s sweat was slowed down by his own indiscipline.

However, they again started their dominance into a kind of aunt and, thanks to Joakim Blichfeld’s hat-trick or Markus Lauridsen’s team, they increased Day 9: 1. Kirill Savicki scored the only goal for Kazakhstan in his own weakened minute and before the end of the match.

The only match of two matches from the first routes at the tournament Pichyst Dnsko s vkarskem.

Seveans swept Kazakhstan, but again they dealt with Itli. The last time the two darknesses competed together for the Olympic games in a group of fzi, and thanks to a great kind of aunt, they finally rejoiced in the game Days (5: 3).

The last special duel at the world championship was won last year by a bigger one, in a tough battle they won with a goal of Timo Meier tsn 1: 0.