The Czech national hockey team plays during its first performance under five circles in the group B group with Dnsko. Dnsk hr Markus Lauridsen (22) hugged Matias Lassen (15) after Lauridsen scored a penalty. (Nov 9, 2022)
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The Czech Republic won a proven line-up at the World Championships, with a number of players presenting themselves at the Olympics in Beijing. The greatest star in the dark is Nikolai Ehlers, who scored 55 points in the NHL base.

Joachim Blichfeld should support the sevean offensive together with nm. Vbr around coach Heinz Ehlers can surprise the favorites. We remember the match with the widower at the last world ampion, where he increased 4: 3.

Last year, after five years, Kazakhstan was spinning into the highest-performing group of the World Championships, and the final city in the group just did not make it into the beating battles. Vtina hr from the nomination plays in the Russian KHL and in that league.

The leader of darkness is Viktor Svedberg, who regularly replaces Omsk in Russia. The last time Denmark and Kazakhstan changed in 2016 was the World Cup in Russia. The days were then 4: 1.

World Cup

Group A 14. 5. 2022 11:20

zpas probh

02:03 Bjorkstrand (Bau Hansen, Larsen)
03:59 Scheel
04:51 Blichfeld (Ehlers, M. Lauridsen)
22:26 Storm (Ehlers, Jensen Aabo)
26:22 Poulsen (Jakobsen)


Dahm (Dichow) Lassen, M. Lauridsen, O. Lauridsen, Jensen Aabo (A), Larsen, N. Jensen, Kristensen Ehlers, Nielsen (A), Blichfeld Storm, Scheel, Regin (C) Bjorkstrand, Bau Hansen, Meyer Asperup , Jakobsen, Poulsen Aagaard.

utov (27. Rumjancev) Svedberg, Sam. Danijar, Blacker, Orechov, alapov, Metalnikov, Beketajev Akolzin, estakov, evenko Michajlis (A), Valk (A), Rachmanov Starenko (C), Savickij, Sagadjev Petuchov, Paukov, Gurkov Asetov.

Decision: Ansons (LAT), Dehaen (FRA) Niittyl (FIN), Zunde (LAT)

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vcarsko kdr strengthened the bell. Elite forwarders Nico Hischier and Timo Meier are the biggest weapons of the dark, they should be added by Janis Moser and Dean Kukan, so he gave the NHL game.

They have a total of silver from the world champions. The last time they won was in 2018 in Denmark, where they always fell in the finals. Since then, they have always ended up in a quarter.

The Italian national team is made up of players who play in alpine competitions. The only exceptions are Tommaso Traversa and Brandon McNally, who work in the UK.

Under the baton of Greg Ireland, the team collected a total of 41 goals at the World Cup and finished last in the group without gaining a point. He avoided the descent due to coronavirus.

Slovakia after gaining entry into the tournament cl gave a points gain. In the race with Franci, he confirmed the role of the favorite and won 4: 2. Pavol Regenda asked about the position of the tug of darkness, who recorded two accurate hits, and in the second glem, he played the game of his darkness. Juraj Slafkovsk wrote two assists.

The Germans experienced a completely different pbh in the first match of this year’s World Cup. Although during the aunt’s aunt, they conquered the tiger shortcut to Canada for a difference of two goals, the final result was 5: 3, and they did not prevent the overall portion.

Slovakia and Germany last clashed a few months ago at the Winter Olympics in Beijing. Tm Craig Ramsey dominated in the eight-final lap and after 4-0 he took a step on the way to the bronze medal.