When the dark was nervous, were you nervous?
Mon troku, but in a positive way. It seemed to me that the ice was not very good. It was bumpy, there was enough snow on it. I have to ask the boy, let’s talk about it. Finov kali believes the same thing, especially we have to tell them the truth.

But you managed to enter the tournament. Are you satisfied?
Of course, the boys looked very nervous in the first aunt. There were a lot of heels, a lot of bouncing pucks. Understand, it’s just a first round tournament.

What turned into a kind of aunt?
We looked more relaxed after the breed and started playing our game and I liked how we managed the second and aunt’s aunt. That’s the way we want to play. I like the result. I liked the goalie Dostl, he did a good job, he gave us a win. And young guys like Jiek and Blmel will remember the whole life.

Why did you decide to deploy Luke Dostla first against the Britm?
We were full for the first two weekends. We decided he was coming. We have to tell you who will catch tomorrow.

How were your first words after the cabin return?
I congratulated the boy on those points. After the game, I don’t talk much about the game. They have a good feeling of victory, I don’t want to spoil it for them.

The fortress of Flek, Black and Zohorna, from which nothing so much will come, added certainty to the darkness. Agree?
They had good chemistry, and they played together in women’s games. We have to analyze it in the video, but they liked it. I think all three lines have played out in time, creating a great thing, which is always nice.

What does the entry to the tournament for Sunday’s duel with strong science mean?
It will be a little different. Today we had a puck for the rest of the time, tomorrow it will be more about a defense. It will be full of yin.

Did you register that the widows only competed against the Rakuan on Saturday?
I don’t know, it’s their fullness. J concentrates on n tm. I’m getting information from our video. I shouldn’t have gone and thought about breathing, I’ll have fun in the dark.