Play off at Helsinki Ice Hall (A) and at Nokia arn (B)
Thursday, May 26
15:20 tvrtfinle Tm 1 – Tm 2 -: –
15:20 tvrtfinle Tm 1 – Tm 2 -: –
19:20 tvrtfinle Tm 1 – Tm 2 -: –
19:20 tvrtfinle Tm 1 – Tm 2 -: –
Saturday, May 28
13:20 semifinle Vtz F1 – Vtz F2 -: –
17:20 semifinle Ft – Vtz F3 -: –
Sunday, May 29
14:20 the bronze SF1 – Poraen SF2 -: –
19:20 finle SF1 – Vtz SF1 -: –

Finland host ampion in hockey podest. The group program will take place in Tampere at the new Uros Live Arena for 13,500 spectators (esk group) and in Helsinki at Helsinki Ice Hall for 8,200 fans.

Originally, it was supposed to be played in the traditional Hartwall Aren, only the Russian owner. Due to the ongoing failure in Ukraine, a conflict arose and the authorities were confiscated.

Ice Hockey World Championships will not represent the representation of Russia or Belarus, which will replace France and Austria.

Enter the tournament on Saturday, May 14 in Tampere from 16:20 with Great Britain. The quarterfinals took place on May 26, the semifinals on May 28, and the medal contest on May 29.

The path to the quarter leads the dog placed in the best pole after the group stage. The best team of group A will challenge among the elite eight quarters from group B, the kind of team will play against the team and so on.

The cities and times of the individual quarterfinal duels will be specified and after the end they will all compete in groups.

It is then a combination of semi-final pairs. It would be best to play against the worst, so a mini-table will be created between those advancing from the quarter, in which the place will be decided by group groups.

If there is a coincidence, the points in the groups will be added to the sweat. The third criterion is one of the groups, followed by the number of set gl (opt groups) and the IIHF ranking, according to which the deployment was determined before the tournament.

Both semifinals will be hosted by Tampere. If the home Finland works its way into this phase, the game will be in the first – afternoon – match. Vtzov will play for gold, the winner will fight for bronze.

The worst two darknesses from the fze groups will descend into it and will be missing on the fifth ampion in 2023.

Group A (Helsinki): Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Italy, France

Group B (Tampere): Finland, USA, eskowidow, latvia, norway, austria, great britain