esk brank Luk Dostl is looking for a round after the end of Robert Dowd from Great Britain.
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spnch premir was vc. David Jiek, a eight-year-old defender, adorned his first start at the World Cup, as did Ji ernoch. The Karlovy Vary tonk pushed the puck into the middle and the second time, only with gloves, so the amount could not pay.

esko – V. Britnie

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The hockey player took a break for a while. Great Britain created an ance, it certainly did not act as a surrendered opponent. And since the kind of aunt, the dwarf dwarf began to be physically lost.

The most important question, she was waiting for her answer, and until the last moment, the position of the goalkeeper was weaving. A little surprisingly, he started the tournament among the young Dostl, who had a hard time with the same account and in the game.

With the UK’s paradoxically controversial balance, most losses are bag-like. In recent history, the must have met at a big event only once, a year ago, the hockey players on the world championship over the island won a total of 6: 1. Now the result was similar.

Don’t start the World Cup with a busy weekend. On Saturday they defeated the British, and on Sunday evening they have on their agenda to meet a woman who defeated Austria unconvincingly in the first duel.

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MS 2022

14. 5. 2022 15:20

May 14, 2022 3:20 PM


(0. Langhamer) – Hronek, imek – Kundrtek, father – If, Glass – Jordn – Blmel, ervenka, Krej – Hertl, He smiled, Vrna – Simon, Strnsk, paek – ernoch, Stain, Zohorna


(0. Bowns) – Richardson, Tetlow – O’Connor, Phillips D. – Clements, Ehrhardt – Batch – Hook – Conway, Lake, Moses – Dowd, Neilson, Perlini – Davies, Phillips J., Waller – Duggan, Lachowicz, Myers

Decision: Miroslav tolc, Kristian Vikman – Nicolas Constantineau, Jonas Merten.

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