A moment from the first

The ice is quite terrible, such a bump, perhaps it has stuck, said David Krej after a midnight thorn.

It’s pretty bad, agreed Ji Smejkal. Just the time we played here, the puck jumped all the way.

Ice Hockey World Championship 2022

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25-year-old tonk hall known as a rival, this season he played for Pelicans Lahti. If you are used to having their heads up and not looking at the disc too much, you will find out that they don’t have a stick. It’s good for both people, bad people who argue with the dark.

The Finnish arena for tinct thousand girls Finov opened last December with great fame, and during the club season, two darknesses seemed to be the biggest competition: Ilves and Tappara.

The interior of the stadium is captivated by a cube over the ice with rounded displays and dark galleries, which without the fans seem to crawl dark.

A moment from the first Czech blackthorn in Tampere.

And people sit here, shine through it. I didn’t get lost in the high puck here, the arena is well lit, and Marek Langhamer took a chance. He’s home in Tampere, catching Ilves first.

It would be worth it for you abikas, Krej suggested.

The trinkling dog then went with the ice at a pace, all the three Jalonen with Zbranský and Erat appeared on the ice and for a minute they practiced the interplay and special formations in the elephants Hertl, ervenka, Vrna, Krej and Hronek.

the streams then formed the following three: Vrna – Hertl – Smejkal, Blmel – Krej – ervenka, Strnsk – paek – Simon, Zohorna – ernoch – Flek, Kodtek.

I also played with Hertlek and Vrnie on Saturday against the Finns, we did quite well, we had a lot of good things, so they left our friction, so Smejkal was included in the elite formation. I’m there for black work, to fight for the pucks, to push into the goal. Raven is a great insole, Hertlk is fantastic forwards and backwards, he is able to put anything on the ice. We could work at the time.

Langkier, Vejmelka and Dostl all the goblets and Jiek, otka, Jordn, Sklenika, Hronek, imek, Kundrtek and Musil were also on the ice.

They had plenty of space there, which is not enough.

The cabins are men. At first I was quite surprised how I wanted to straighten eight mustevs here. As far as I have seen, the Austrians, Latians and the British have such construction beeches, I was a little worried if we wouldn’t have them either, but it turned out at the time, Smejkal was relieved.

It’s men, but new and nice. And let’s unpack and get off the ground, it’ll be fine. There was a bit of a mess before the thorns, Krej admitted. But today it was mainly about slipping, tomorrow we start practicing different things.