The author of the line objectively and undistorted informed about the course of the council meetings. The public opinion corresponded to the year-old deputies, she judged the verdict of Judge Dana Malechov.

According to her, Alobkyn herself admitted that unfavorable years continued to advertise, which helped her from the non-eligible position of a candidate to be elected to the Chamber of Deputies.

Naiclerov appealed to the Regional Court in Brno through his lawyer. She strongly disagreed with the verdict and insisted on the original lawsuit, emphasized.

The deputy sent a yoke to 200 thousand

After the party, she demanded a one-page apology with her photographer. According to j, the letter should pay 200 thousand crowns as satisfaction.

Lawyer Naiclerov Martin Zaal, unlike the judges, claims that the years have intervened in the personal sphere of deputies. According to him, Prostjovsk veernk dvryhodn.

He is the type of media who is only interested in profit and the political interests of his sponsor, not democratic values ​​and freedom of speech, he declared.

However, the first representative of the party, Jan Holas, objected to this. Let’s face it, we’re working on a political order. Prostjovsk veernk to no one’s side, ekl.

According to him, it is necessary to take a look at the deputy and representative Naicler from the perspective of a politician, who must bear the brunt of criticism. Neither of the women could be damaged, the opposite. Her political career accelerated and she became an MP, he said.

They used expressive murders at deputies

Holas came to the conclusion that they were a simple representative who used expressive murders in connection with him. According to him, the author of lnk only took them. If someone is labeled as an informant, they should arm at the source, not at the next level, the media, Holas explained.

Lawyer Naiclerov, on the other hand, believes that the court ruled incorrectly. The case law clearly states that the publisher is responsible for taking over the years. I am convinced that the Court of Appeal will change this improper judgment, Zaal said.

Naiclerov is a well-known anti-corruption activist. Some time ago, for example, she drew attention to the problems in the financing of Prostjov hockey, which is supported by the city. Under her pressure, the city filed a lawsuit against the then chairman of the club, who was convicted.

She also found out that the magistrate did not meet the requirements for enough subsidy for the construction of a community house on Suilov Street, and therefore the city drank the subsidy. In 2019, an unknown perpetrator flooded his car with paint. The Nadan Anti-Corruption Fund awarded the Han Naicler Prize for Impact.