Motorola introduces new products in the G-series series, and it roughly comes out to at least one phone per month. In the portfolio, it is theoretically possible to recognize the models of the G series for quite some time. They bear a two-letter designation, the first letter confirms the position in the model range, the second letter is this year a number two and differentiates the models from the models with zero and one, which are still present on the market.

In our case, it is not the average, then it is the models G52, G42 and G32. The company presented the first in April, the G42 in June, and the G32 is the new product that will be sold in 2018. From the logic of the signs, Motorola first presented the best model and then always one step above it. It’s just a theory, practice by looking at the technical specifications shows that we have essentially the same phones in front of us.

If we compare the prices of the same 6+128 GB memory versions, the G52 is paradoxically the cheapest, costing 5,200 crowns. The novelty will cost 5,990 crowns and the G42 model will be sold for 6,200 crowns. So you can’t deduce anything from the price either.

Don’t talk about the fact that there are also models from last December on the market G31 and G41. Their hardware is a bit weak, but the G41 has optical stabilization of the camera, which is the only feature of the cell group. Both are cheaper, the G31 costs under 4,000 crowns and the G41 costs 4,800 crowns.

For Motorola, they basically prepared the same phones for you, I don’t know. Its portfolio has been full of tools with similar characteristics in the world for a long time, but until now there have always been one or two striking differences between them. This is not the case with the trio of geeks 32, 42 and 52.

The new G32 model differs from its predecessors in terms of weight and weight in the back, but the differences are small. All these phones have an FHD+ display. The G32 is 6.5 inches in diameter, the G42 is a tenth of an inch smaller, and the G52 is a tenth smaller. G32 and G52 then have a refresh rate of 90 Hz. What panel technology the G32 does not use, the manufacturer does not say. The remaining two models have AMOLED panels and we assume that the same is new to me.

All those models are powered by the Snapdragon 680 processor. The G32 will only be sold with 6+128 GB memory. With the same set-up, buy and have two models left. The G52 can also be found with a 4+128 GB configuration, the Motorola G42 had the same variant, but it is not currently available on the market.

The set of photo apartments is completely the same for all models. There is a 16 Mpix camera at the front, a triple camera at the back with a 50 Mpix main camera, an 8 Mpix wide-angle camera with an integrated depth sensor, and now there is a 2 Mpix macro camera.

All those models have a USB-C connector and headphones. The same is the 5,000mAh battery. If it charges up. G42 with 18W charged, the new model G52 then 30W charged. Anyone who uses the phone in dual SIM mode should skip the G52 model, which only has a hybrid slot. Either SIM or memory stick. The novelty and G42 have separate slots.

Which one to choose? From the practical site, the current cheapest Motorola G52. Or depending on how the world is going to play. All these models do not have poor parameters, within their category they offer a good price-to-performance ratio.