In accordance with the curriculum, winter holidays for schoolchildren in the Moscow Region will begin on December 31. The last school day before the long holidays is scheduled for December 30th.

Photo: press service of the Ministry of Education of the Moscow Region

Press Service of the Regional Ministry of Education reported that school holidays will last until January 8 inclusive. The children will be able to sit down at their desks again and begin their studies on January 9. In accordance with the unified trimester schedule, the next holidays will begin on February 20. Also, schoolchildren are waiting for a week of rest in the spring from April 3 to 9.

Formerly online edition “Teacher’s newspaper” reportedthat primary school students from educational institutions of St. Petersburg will finish the quarter ahead of schedule and go on vacation. In connection with the increase in the incidence of influenza and SARS, the regional authorities announced that students in grades 1-4 must complete their general curriculum by December 20 in order to leave for early holidays. Primary school will continue to work in the mode of additional education. A visit to an educational institution will be possible in the absence of signs of illness.

It is noted that New Year’s events for children will be held. Christmas trees that do not have time to hold before December 21 will be held according to a pre-approved schedule.

The introduced restrictions apply only to junior classes. High school students will continue their education as usual. A school may send a class or entire institution to distance learning if 20 percent or more of students are absent from class due to illness.

Kindergartens will fully function, but with the introduction of entrance control, which will prevent the spread of infection among children and employees of the institution.