Appeared this afternoon news about the return of the value of the euro to 69 rubles for the first time since February 2020, that is, to the pre-pandemic level, when we were still living the same life, we were forced to turn to financial analysts with questions about what would happen next.

This is exactly what the telegram channel “Radiotochka NSN” did – they asked Dmitry Golubovsky, an expert on financial markets, questions about the future of currencies.

“There is no secret here. The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation pursued a policy of artificial weakening of the ruble, forming the same reserves, half of which we lost. The ruble was pressured by the fact that the state was buying up dollars and therefore the exchange rate was permanently undervalued. Now the budget rule has been canceled, according to which all oil revenues above $40 per barrel were directed to the purchase of foreign currency. Therefore, the country began to live as it should with the price of oil at $100 per barrel. And the ruble can go up to 40 per dollar. This is an absolutely real market rate, if earlier it was influenced by the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance, now they are deprived of such an opportunity, ” quotes answer Golubovsky “MK”.

Interestingly, on February 12, 2022, in his interview with Business Online, Golubovsky, answering the question whether the dollar could become 30 rubles again, said: “Never will be, because it is impossible to scroll the minced meat back into the meat grinder. And the meat grinder is high inflation, which was observed both in 2014 and now. You will not unscrew prices back to the level when the dollar was at 30 rubles. Even if the dollar index falls somewhere around 70, this will not lead to such a revaluation of the ruble.”

By the evening, the exchange rates of 65.9 rubles were fixed at the auctions of the Moscow Exchange. for the euro and 63.5 rubles. for dollar.