It is very easy to see that you can become famous and influential influencers even at a mature age. It is not a necessary condition that you be a maximum of twenty, if not more. A well-known example is the actress Dana Morvkov (50), who took control of Instagram and didn’t lose her temper or judgment in the process. You just can’t see that today!

Handbags, premium cosmetics, beauty salons that have been tried and tested. Dana Morvkov he promotes that on his Instagram, but he is very careful that there is not too much of it. She would not like to act as a virtual grocer, who sells products like a bad dog, without order and storage, but the main thing is that it pours.

She was able to make a TV commercial for a cottage cheese dessert, in the past she lost lots of tickets on Instagram. In addition, she is an ambassador for the brand, for which, like handbags, I have a great weakness. And he promotes this and that on social media, it always has some connection with his person, he is a fool and one of the people, he puts his hand in the fire for that.

Dana Morvkov and Marek Taclk on the corner of new glasses

The first one is per personh will take oi. It seems that the eye is a window to the soul. You can laugh from ear to ear, but tell the truth. First of all, we often stand out with stylish prescription glasses, let Morvkov be heard, who moderated the ceremony of the new glasses, they were designed by the founder of Zsilkovna Simona Kijonkov.

Alensa brand ambassador Dana Morvkov was also present at the presentation of the new glasses designed by Simona Kijonkov.

My absolute favorite are cat-eye glasses. Sit down, I’m always proud of them and I’m very happy to see them on other girls too, added the Ordinace v rov zahrad star, who has 130,000 followers on Instagram.

The team of the actor and presenter serves a very elaborate and eye-pleasing package, in which he combines work and new projects as well as products or services close to his heart. Unlike many influencers, however, she did not go to work.

Vc like that!