More than eight thousand Sarajevo residents did not return from the war. On May 8, everyone was remembered by name.

On May 8, in Sarai, at the obelisk to the fallen soldiers, where the Eternal Flame was lit, the Yunarmiya soldiers stood guard of honor. From 7.00 in the central park, the names of the Sarajevo residents who did not return from the battlefields are heard from the speakers.

Viktor Voronkovthe head of the administration of the Sarajevo region, addressing the participants of the mourning meeting, said:

“Many of our countrymen laid down their lives not only for the liberation of their native land, but also for the countries of Europe. And we are proud of our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers who fought against fascism. We remember their deeds. After all, memory is an integral part of our life. More than 12,000 citizens of Sarajevo have been awarded orders and medals, twelve have been awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, and two have been awarded full holders of the Order of Glory. There are no forgotten names in Russia, and today we remember them by name.”

In total, 22 thousand residents of the Sarajevo region went to fight, more than 8 thousand laid down their lives in battles with the Nazi invaders, of which 457 residents of Sarajevo. The leaders of the rally uttered and uttered the names of the dead, only for a minute their sound stopped, when in mournful silence the people of Sarajevo honored the memory of the heroes who defended the freedom and independence of our Motherland.

In memory of the dead, the priest of the Kazan Church in Sarai, Georgy Poluyanov, performed a memorial service. Schoolchildren, residents and guests of Sarajevo laid fresh flowers at the obelisk to the fallen soldiers.

“At such moments, you feel special pride for the fallen soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, for those who returned home with a victory, and for those who are currently fulfilling their military duty during a special military operation,” she said. Nina Chernyshova, chairman of the regional council of veterans.

Valentina Grinyaka resident of Sarajevo, came to the funeral rally with her son Sasha, a first grader:

“The war touched every Soviet family, and every family has its own hero. There are several such heroes in our family – two from my parents and two from my husband. So on May 9 in the “Immortal Regiment” we will carry four portraits at once. We must not forget their names, their deeds, and I want to pass this memory on to my children.”