More than 1,000 people took part in the “Thanks to Grandfather for Victory” rally

On May 8, by ten in the morning, Novomichurinsk residents in cars decorated with festive paraphernalia gathered on the square near the Energetik Palace of Culture. And after laying a garland at the monument to the “Heroes of War”, they solemnly moved first around the city. Go-cart drivers Maxim Barabanov and local bikers are ahead. And then the column went to Pronsk.

Here, at the memorial near the Eternal Flame, Novomichurinsk, Orlov, Oktyabr, Mamonov, Malinishchin, Tyrnovtsy – people came from absolutely all the settlements of the district – the participants were greeted by the head of the district administration Alexander Shastitko, the head of the administration of Pronsk and Novomichurinsk Viktor Radko and Igor Kiryanov. The head of the Starozhilovsky district Alexander Tatarnikov and State Duma deputy Dmitry Khubezov also spoke. Flowers fall at the feet of the Unknown Soldier, music sounds.

The head Radko organized the soldiers’ mess. The field kitchen coped with the task: hot porridge was, as always, by the way. Thanks to Dmitry Burdilkin and his assistants Kristina Kochuykova, Marina Oreshkina and others.

“We arrived in ten cars with flags, it was great. My sisters, nephews, friends are here with me,” said Roman Shesterkin. “We are all patriots in Oktyabrsky.”

“I could not help participating in such an event, because I was born in Pronsk,” says Alexander Tatarnikov, a participant in the run, the head of the Starozhilovsky district. – My parents worked here, my grandfather, veteran Ivan Afanasyevich Tatarnikov, commander of the mortar crew, is buried at the Pronsky cemetery. With a shrapnel wound, he was discharged, and then he worked as a livestock specialist at a state farm.

“A grand affair! We are glad that we accepted the invitation to participate in the Pronsk run, – the guests from Korablin and Ryazhsk admit. Sergei Ulanov, Sergei Brazhnikov, Alexei Mishkov, Vladimir Zubarev. “Our wives are of the same opinion, we all came together.”

Inessa Shlykova, coordinator of the LDPR party in the Pronsky district, and her comrades Nikolai Pavelin, Aleksey Gusev, Oleg Morozov believe that everyone is obliged to participate in such patriotic actions in the name of grandfathers and fathers who fought on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War and everyone who supports the special operation in Ukraine today.

“You ask why I am here,” says Sergei Dergachev, a Novomichurinsk resident. “This is my Russia, my country. And it is my duty to pay tribute to the memory of those who won back in 1945.”