The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy (MLSP) is investing a total of BGN 1,224,800,000 under the Bulgaria Recovery and Sustainable Development Plan.

According to, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy (MLSP) is investing a total of BGN 1,224,800,000 as part of Bulgaria’s Recovery and Sustainable Development Plan. This is 10% of the cost of the entire plan for Bulgaria. This was stated by the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of Bulgaria – Georgy Gokov.

Bulgaria’s Reconstruction and Sustainable Development Plan establishes 3 reforms and 6 investment intentions within the purview of the MTSP. The reforms relate to the minimum income, the process of deinstitutionalization of adults and the improvement of their qualifications. They will be supplemented by measures funded under the Human Resources Development Program for 2021-2027, the minister said.

The main direction of the reform in the field of minimum incomes of the population is to expand the scope of support for the poor with the lowest incomes. By amending the Regulation on the implementation of the Law on Social Assistance, by 2024, a gradual increase in the differentiated minimum income to 30% of the poverty line is envisaged. The document is planned to enter into force on January 1, 2023.

The welfare reform calls for the closure of existing homes for adults with mental disabilities, homes for adults with mental disabilities, homes for adults with physical disabilities, homes for adults with sensory disabilities, and homes for adults with dementia until January 1. 2035 However, all nursing homes must be reformed by January 1, 2025 in accordance with the quality standards for inpatient care for the elderly over working age, as defined in the Ordinance on the quality of social services.

Minister Gokov also spoke about some of the investments that MTSP envisages in the social department. About BGN 380 million will be allocated for basic digital education for 500,000 unemployed and employed people. It is planned to build 125 new social and integrated medical and social services at the place of residence and 125 related services for people with disabilities. The 82 existing social services will be reformed in line with new quality standards and energy efficiency measures in about 840 existing social services. The budget for this activity is BGN 753 million.

Minister Gokov announced the measures developed to support the citizens of Ukraine who fled the war. A procedure is being prepared according to which they will be able to receive support for inclusion in the labor force for up to 6 months. It also provides for the provision of hourly childcare services, as well as psychological assistance, vocational guidance, employment counseling.

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