More than 50 kilograms of animal feed collected by activists at the Novomichurinsk fair

On May 14, from ten in the morning, an unusual fair was waiting for Novomichurinsk residents and guests of the city near the market. There were crafts, drawings and even knitted things on the tables. They were prepared not only by schoolchildren from Novomichurinsk and Pronsk, but also by young mamonovtsy, tyrnovtsy, oktyabrtsy, malinishchintsy.

“At first, we planned to “sell” crafts for dog and cat food. But they realized that for many it is more convenient to pay with money, and they began to collect money in a sealed bucket. During the two hours of the fair, about 12,000 rubles and 50 kilograms of feed were collected, project manager Sergei Merkulov has already reported on this, says Oksana Korableva-Ponomareva, a member of the We Care project. – All this will go to the maintenance of animals, which are now under the care of the public organization “Energy of Life”.

Recall that the project “We care” is one of the seven initiatives for the development of Novomichurinsk. The teams are made up of local government officials. In this one – Andrei Ilyichev, Sergei Merkulov, Oksana Korableva-Ponomareva, Yuri Podmarev, Marina Novikova and Alexander Evsin.

Volunteers brought puppies and several adult dogs to the site in front of the city market. Suddenly someone will like a shaggy friend.

“People paid attention to our dogs. No one has yet taken a friend, but there was an exchange of phones. Perhaps in the near future someone will decide on a four-legged pet, ”says Oksana Yuryevna.