A few months ago it was rumored that Jason Momoa had a bad image of Amber Heard despite having worked together, and that he also made fun of the actress after losing her trial against Johnny Depp, this turned out to be completely false since according to The hollywood reporterthe actors were so close that they even had a relationship.

It all started during the recordings of the second film of Aquaman, and it is that the actors shared many more scenes than in the first film, and much more intimate too. They became so close that they visited each other constantly and shared their personal problems.

Jason Momoa He came out in defense of Amber on several occasions against the producers, and it is that they wanted to completely remove Amber Heard from the film. Momoa fell out with the producers and apparently this also led to his dismissal from the series, although the actor did get a new contract with DC.

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Regarding dating rumors with Amber heardafter Jason’s divorce with Lisa Bonet, the actor was completely devastated and Amber was a pillar in the situation, the artists were intimate several times and developed a secret relationship, although Jason knew he could not make it public.

After losing the trial against Johnny Depp, Amber left the United States for Europe and Jason was left alone, so the secret relationship did not go any further and they only had intimate encounters, in addition to sharing their misfortunes in love. Jason Momoa currently has an unstable relationship with the also actress Eiza Gonzales, although this time in a public way.