Gerard Pique’s mother Montserrat Bernabeuhas shown strong support for Shakira, her former daughter-in-law, for her new song where she attacks her son.

The song of Shakira in collaboration with Bizarrap, it has undoubtedly had millions of reactions, from the general public, close to Shakira, and even friends of Gerard Piqué, but surprisingly the former soccer player’s mother also showed her reaction. Surely no one expected this.

After twelve years of relationship and two children, the couple classified as one of the most stable, ended their relationship due to Piqué’s infidelity towards the Colombian. And contrary to going through a depression, Shakira has taken full advantage of the subject to grow more financially.

The unusual thing about it is that monserrat bernabeumother of Gerard Piqué, has been on her side, liking several tweets where the Colombian was defended, and the player was criticized.

The likes are born from comments from two followers who share their divided opinions about Piqué’s destroyed image, one of them commented that what the singer did with her ex-partner was already enough, because in addition to composing a song, destroying her career soccer, now specifically points it out in his new topic.

Given this, a follower commented: «Sorry, but he destroyed the image himself, if he’s an asshole, no one is to blame, only him. And his career ended because he was cool, he believed that everyone was going to praise his cockiness. Do not blame anyone for the evil that accompanies it. I buy him the thing about falling in love, but not how he acted.”