The Liberec Zoo has published its plans for the near future. Once they pass through the garden, they can view the people on the five panels in the park in Riegrov street.

These are projects worth tens of millions of crowns, which the zoo wants to complete by 2025. The construction of the quarantine pavilion, which would serve as an entrance for the animals seized by the zoo, is now in full swing. The Libereck zoo would thus become one of the t gardens in the republic, where the so-called umisovna would be removed.

According to its editor David Nejedel, modernization of the garden is necessary. Without the threat that she would drink in the future due to inappropriate conditions for being invited by someone else.

In the near future, a large-scale reconstruction of the irafinca, which dates back to 1986 and some of its parts are in a state of disrepair, is in full swing. The spaces for new animals will be modernized first, the zoo also wants to install a new terrarium and an aquarium here.

Then the building of the pavilion itself, as well as the revitalization and development of the outdoor space for the iraphs, will come to the fore. I can do better with a leopard who is only a year younger in the building, he is not an Irafin. This year, the zoo wants to start the construction of a breeding ground and exhibits for New Zealand nestor kea parrots. The aviary will be created by the construction of two summer toilets.

Storage center for confiscated elms

Another novelty will be a new modern bistro with outdoor seating, which is being prepared for newcomers in the lower street of the zoo opposite the birds of prey, said Barbara Tesaov, spokeswoman for the Liberec Gardens. According to them, the current bistro does not meet the technical or capacity requirements. If it goes according to schedule, we would like to open it at the end of this year, she added.

In between, he developed projects such as the repair of Lake Labutho, where a new breeding ground and wintering area for lemurs and pelicans will be created. Thanks to this, the object will be freed, which in the future should serve as a rescue center for elms confiscated by the state.

We have experience behind us. We had white tigers confiscated from Ludvka Berouska. At the moment, however, we would not have the day space at our disposal, explained Tesaov. According to him, the amendment of the legislation concerning the behavior of elephants in captivity will lead to other similar cases.

On the construction of the zoo, the stt

The construction of the current building for approximately ten million is being carried out by the zoo in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Lithuania, which will thus finance it. How much will the rest of the planned renovations cost? It will probably be several tens of millions, commented Tesaov. And that’s just the end of the massive investments.

According to Deputy Governor Kvta Vinkltov, the Liberec region, as a new owner, is aware that it will be necessary to invest roughly half a billion in the zoo within ten years. The former developer, the city of Liberec, will also benefit from the investments.

The latest project, which will be ready in the next few years, is the purchase of a new approximately 12-hectare land. It bears the name endangered wildlife and will be connected to the existing area by a bridge over Sovovu Street. Visitors can find detailed information about the planned development of the zoo on the zoo’s website. They will also find a link for peppermints here.