The 20-year-old Kenkov ranked second behind Micheliová after two disciplines of parkour and erm. She won the title at the World Championships three years ago in Budapest. After swimming the pentathlon, she fell to the fifth pike and after a tight jump with a pole, another six. Tsn thus fell short of the first place, but she managed the best Czech result among women at the World Championships since 2015, when Natlie Dianov was twelfth in Berlin.

Choong started the disciplinarians with a big jump, and while Muhammad Aldandj was catching up with him, Choong accelerated in the beast and with a view to win the world title for the premier. Three years ago in Budapest, he took a master’s degree. Aunt Maar Balsz Szp died behind Aldandje.

Vlach, who moved up 14 places to fifth place in Tokyo thanks to a broken discipline, made a great run this time as well. However, he missed the first board by two positions, yet he recorded the maximum in the individual lead at the world championship.

With the way I insulated it, it probably didn’t stick well. The rest of the pentathlon I went very well, I went a certain stroke, I swam faster than in the semi-finals, I shot probably the best I have done here, and there was no problem with the back either. One big mistake on my erm cost the whole cable, Vlach said in a press conference.

Kuf had pd in the parkour, which meant the end of the dark darkness in the gathering of the teams. The bronze medalist from the 2014 World Cup did not enter the other disciplines in order to save the team for Sunday’s taffeta, to which the association nominated him alongside Veronika Novotn mesto of the medically indisposed Marek Grycz.

I’m sorry mainly because for a long time we had the chance to fight for a medal with the guys in the teams, and I messed it up right at the start of the competition day, regretting Kuf and admitting my own riding mistake. I thought, it probably wouldn’t be a medal today, but it could be in the plate, and that’s always a very nice result. I will enter the mix and try to make up for it somehow, he added.

World Championship in modern wrestling in Alexandria


Mui: 1. Choong (Brit.) 1514, 2. M. Aldandj (Eg.) 1512, 3. Szp (Ma.) 1507, …12. Vlach 1475, 15. Polvka 1453, 18. Kuf (vichni R) did not finish.

women: 1. Micheliov (It.) 1416, 2. Gulysov (Ma.) 1412, 3. Zykselov (Tur.) 1405, …11. Kenkov (R) 1366.