December 16, 2022, 20:33 – Public News Service – OSN

A video has been circulated on social networks, in which one of the servicemen of the Armed Forces called up as part of the mobilization measures RF demonstrates the life that an artillery battery encounters in the forward sections of the contact line.

He gave a tour of the well-built dugout, which has a high level of protection against shrapnel and bullet threats. Separately, the military noted the comfort that was achieved in the home. It is equipped with sleeping compartments, a kitchen area and a field bath necessary for a normal life.

The military has the ability to cook their own food. The footage that was published by the Russian Spring online publication shows that the role of the lunch meal was played by pasta with stew.

Recall, Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Army Valeriy Zaluzhny spoke about his admiration for the Russian general Sergei Surovikin only to lay a straw for himself in the event of the defeat of Ukraine, said historian Alexander Krushelnitsky.

As previously reported by the Public News Service, a military expert Leonkov explained why the special operation zone was frozen. In his opinion, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are preparing for the winter campaign: mobilized Russians arrive at the contact line and undergo combat coordination. Leonkov noted that the winter campaign will start when the territory is covered with snow. For more information on the topic, see the OSN TV program “News”.