Not a single energy system was designed for such a large-scale destruction, which was caused by massive shelling from the Russian Federation. The Ukrainian authorities are preparing for various critical situations, one way out of which is mobile boilers. How are things going with the staffing of the communities with the necessary equipment, said in an interview with ZN.UA, Executive Director of the Association of Cities of Ukraine (ASU) Oleksandr Slobozhanwith whom I spoke Inna Vedernikova.

“I cannot say that we are fully equipped. At the same time, missile strikes continue, and no one can know how many times a particular component will need to be replaced. We are talking about the availability of spare components both at the points of generation and at the points of distribution of energy / heat / water in the event of missile strikes. We are talking about municipal equipment and special excavators, pipes, couplings – all this is also preparation for a blackout,” Slobozhan said.

According to him, Today, the volume of work of local authorities and headquarters is colossal. As well as the diversity of tasks that stand before them. The executive director of ASU explained that Ukraine inherited from the USSR cities both with a looped system of energy and heat supply, and with an extensive one. In the first case, according to him, it is possible to restore the supply relatively quickly by transferring the house to a parallel line / network, which is what power engineers and thermal workers do, in the second – no.

Slobozhan stated that cities today are preparing for a variety of scenarios. And stakes are placed on mobile boilers.

“One mobile boiler house is designed for 100-200 thousand people, it crashes into the system and allows it to be maintained so that freezing does not occur. Simply put, it eliminates the risk of pipe rupture, as was the case in Alchevsk and Sukhodolsk. At the same time, the mobile boiler room does not provide a comfortable temperature in the apartment or in the house. Therefore, the algorithm here is as follows: for a day or two or a week, people from the affected houses stayed at the heating points, warming up and charging in turn, after the repair of the stationary boiler house was completed, they returned home, and the mobile boiler house went to the next address,” Slobozhan said.

Speaking about large cities such as Dnipro, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lvov and others, he drew attention to the fact that they will not have a complete set of mobile boiler houses. There it will be necessary to massively drain water from the systems and carry out their conservation. The Executive Director of the PSA warned that it would take some time

However, all this is being developed in operational plans and algorithms for different scenarios. – starting from the most optimistic and ending with a partial / complete blackout, ”said Slobozhan.

At the same time, Slobozhan said that mobile boiler houses are the promises and tasks of the central government. However, according to him, the problem is that the 1.4 billion hryvnia allocated for the purchase of boiler houses is critically insufficient.

“Initially, in the summer, the Association of Ukrainian Cities asked to allocate 10 billion hryvnias to the State Emergency Service this year, next year 20 billion hryvnias are planned in the Reserve Fund of the budget for these purposes. It is clear that the central government should help the local, because the situation is non-standard. The problems are not only in money, but also in the search for components, their availability, and then delivery. Therefore, the communities focused on generators and municipal equipment. When working with international projects, we everywhere indicated the need for such boiler houses,” Slobozhan said.

To date, according to him, the ASU has information on only 15 purchased boiler houseswhich received money from international technical assistance and local budgets. Their delivery to Ukraine will be in late November – early December. There is no information about the purchase of boiler houses by the Cabinet of Ministers.

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Recall Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal reported that as a result of Russian strikes almost 50% of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure damaged. According to experts, with a complete blackout of the country it may take from three to seven to ten days to restore the system.