As one, a crowd of Plzes football players, coach, function, masseur, lka jumped up. And then they all rushed to the jerky fans, who were barely pounding inside the sector.

Michal Blek! kieli nejv.

Adolf dek! each other vzpt.

And then they repeated the hits from the master’s repertor over and over again. David Limbersk, who cheered directly in the boiler, also watched everything in the first brake. Daniel Kol, Vclav Pila were again scattered in the other cities of the stadium and gave the fighters from Plzes gold …

The celebrations will be long and wild, Captain Luk Hejda lived. We will definitely not go back today!

Plze won 2: 0 at the Hradec Králové stadium and thanks to Slavie, who drew 1: 1 in a simultaneous duel in Ostrava, Viktoria is a new ampion before the end. After those years. Poest in history.

Plzesk boss Adolf dek (left) hugs Michal Blek after winning the championship title.

The club owner, the owner of the blankets, accompanied by his shooter, watched the day from the town just above the stdakami. When the dog played the area in the cabins after the first half, the fan caught a splash of sweat from the home. On the back, he sent them kisses, which he repeated after the rescue, when he was hit by his Victoria after years again.

We stood there together and thanked each other, described the moved Plek Blek. This is a shower that neither we nor you expected. Unbelievably, he rolled over as he drove among the newspapers.

How will I celebrate? Netum, I’m probably going for a beer, aren’t I? he said. Hejda, who succeeded him in the press, was clearer: The celebrations will be big and wild. Nobody goes today!

It’s a big plzesk veer.

that we have taught Slavia, Sparta and the rest of the dark is very important. We are enthusiastic, repeated Blek, who, together with colleagues and saints, waited impatiently for the result from Ostrava.

It’s been a long time! What if Slavia gave gl? Blek said. Then natst broke out a huge gift, a number of us were soft.

And you know that.

The players and trenches wore championship T-shirts and epics, bouncing football players and celebratory fans slapping the boards of police officers. He will continue in the streets of Pilsen, where the bus with the footballers left for ten hours.

The capital kiln always said clearly: We’re not going back today!