December 18, 2022, 10:10 – Public News Service – OSN

Two medium-range ballistic missiles, previously launched by North Korea, flew about 500 km towards the Sea of ​​Japan. This was reported on Sunday, December 18, by the Yonhap agency, citing the South Korean military.

According to them, the launches were made from the Tunchanri test site in the province of Phanan Pukto. The maximum flight altitude was 550 km.

“Continued missile launches by North Korea are completely unacceptable. A protest was expressed to the North Korean side through diplomatic channels through the embassy in Beijing, ”Japanese Deputy Defense Minister Toshiro Ino told reporters.

According to him, both missiles launched by Pyongyang fell outside the Japanese exclusive economic zone in the Sea of ​​Japan.

In 2022, North Korea has already launched more than 60 different missiles, including intercontinental ones, as part of tests.

South Korea decided in early December to impose sanctions on North Korea. The reason for the restrictions in Seoul was called nuclear missile program Pyongyang. Read more about this in the Public News Service article.