Amanda Dudamel Newman, Miss Venezuela 2021 and first finalist of the most recent edition of the Miss Universe, held in the city of New Orleans, United States, has declined the organization’s offer to work with the winner of the contest, R’Bonney Gabriel, Miss USA and the new sovereign of universal beauty.

Through a live broadcast that Amanda Dudamel had with the new Miss Universe 2022, The talented Venezuelan beauty queen has stated that she will not travel to thailand how was it being spoken in the social networks.

This trip was being planned by the Miss Universe Organization, that he had idealized working with the top 3 of the final night of January 14. However, Amanda has surprised everyone by declining the offer.

According to the fashion designer 23 years old, she has other professional projects that she will do in the month of January and that prevent her from traveling to Asia.

However, he thanked the Miss Universe organization for the offer, and stated that later he could agree to go to another of the trips planned.

Various Internet users of social networks affirm that the decision to Amanda Dudamel It could be revenge against the Miss Universe organization, which has seen how a large part of the public has rejected the new sovereign, who was marked by accusations of fraud caused by her victory in the Miss USA 2022.