R’Bonney Gabriel Nola, the new one miss Universe of USES, She has confessed that she wants to continue with her professional career at any cost, even if that means not fulfilling her obligations as the new sovereign of universal beauty.

Less than a month after his controversial victory in the Miss Universe, Miss USA has been giving interviews all over the US territory. There, the 28-year-old girl has given some statements that have left more than one shocked.

The beauty queen of Filipino descent stated that she feels a lot of uncertainty about how to combine her profession with her new obligations as Miss Universo 2022. This was made clear in a podcast he had with the journalist Nelson Canlas, where he affirmed that he has problems to be able to fulfill his functions as universal queen.

“Fashion design and sewing is part of my dna, I love to stay inspired and when creativity flows it feels really good. If I’m stressed and I can use my sewing machine, I feel calm,” confessed the beauty queen.

R’Bonney Gabriel she is very worried about what might happen, since she is willing to move her sewing workshop to New york if possible.

“If I can have a sewing machine in my apartment, I can work until late at night, I love working at night, even if it’s 10:00 pm or midnight, I can still do something or I can wake up and have a time here and there and I could do parts», He emphasized.

For now, she is waiting for a response from the Miss Universe Organization, who throughout history has been characterized by being quite strict with the obligations of the winners of the contest.

A great example was the removal of Oxana Fedorova, Miss Universe 2002 of Russia, who for refusing to fulfill some of her responsibilities as Miss Universe, was stripped of her title.