Miss USA Y Miss Venezuela they had a strong confrontation, at the time of conducting the mandatory interview with the juries of the contest miss Universe.

The candidates Amanda Dudamel Y R’Bonney Gabriel they disputed the crown of the edition number 71 of the most important beauty contest in the world, were chosen as the last finalists in the company of the representative of Dominican Republicafter assessing whether they met the requirements of the contest.

Finally, the new queen of beauty was chosen Miss USA, who holding hands with Miss Venezuela, awaited the final verdict. However, some time before the coronation they would have had the confrontation in front of the juries.

The two finalists had to respond privately to the questions that the jury had prepared for them, and they did so at the same time.

The curious thing at the moment is that among the more than 90 participantsthe two finalists who didn’t know the final result yet, were giving the sword to each other while answering the questions.

At the right moment that the winner of the contest Miss USA was conducting her interview, right behind was whoever was one of the finalists with the most favoritism in the contest, Miss Venezuela.

After this and when the election of the new Miss was known, the disputes continue to be generated, since possible fraud in the contest is warned.